1620 Pelikan Correction White Blanco Fluid

The helping hand for perfect correcting (correction fluid) The blanco Fluid Bottle by Pelikan allows pin-pointed and extensive corrections. The correction fluid dries fast. Includes a paintbrush and a mixing ball. For corrections covering large areas. Optimum opacity. Quick-drying. With solvent.

  • Brand: Pelikan
  • Product Code: 1620

Introducing the 1620 Pelikan Correction Fluid in White!

This correction fluid, also known as Blanco, offers precise and efficient correction for mistakes on paper. With its opaque white formula, it effectively covers errors, ensuring a clean and professional look.

Perfect for use at home, school, or the office, the Pelikan Correction Fluid 1620 is a reliable tool for editing documents and paperwork.

Experience smooth and easy corrections with the Pelikan 1620 Correction Fluid – the ideal solution for achieving pristine results.

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