Artistry Essentials Kit


  • 1 faber castle classic color pencil set of 24
  • 1 Daler Rownney sketch book A4 size 200gsm with 30 sheets
  • 1 Canson sketch book a5
  • 1 blending tool set 6 pieces
  • 1 set faber castle degree pencil set of 12 pieces

Discover the “Artistry Essentials Kit”: Unleash your creativity with a set of 24 Faber-Castell classic color pencils, capture your inspirations in a Daler Rowney A4 sketchbook (200gsm, 30 sheets), and take your sketches on-the-go with a compact Canson A5 sketchbook. Perfect your shading techniques with a 6-piece blending tool set, and achieve precision with the Faber-Castell degree pencil set of 12. Elevate your artistic journey with this carefully curated collection.

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