Artistry Pro Collection


  • 1 sketch book A/3
  • 1 pkt (14) Degree pencils
  • 1 charcoal pencil black
  • 1 charcoal pencil white
  • 1 charcoal pencil brown
  • 1 4b eraser for degree pencils
  • 1 2b Staedtler eraser






“Discover boundless creativity with our Artistry Essentials Set – featuring a premium A3 sketchbook, a pack of 14 Degree pencils for precision, and a trio of charcoal pencils in black, white, and brown. Complete your toolkit with a specialized 4B eraser for Degree pencils and a reliable 2B Staedtler eraser. Unleash your imagination and bring your artistic visions to life with this comprehensive collection!”

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