Chang Li Pointer Set HP/6688

 720 1,440

  • Brand: Chang li
  • 0.4  mm Tip
  • Metal – clad tip for durable use.
  • High grade Fibre Fineliner Pens
  • Ideal for drawing lines, painting, writing, sketching, marking, etc.
  • Creates fine lines and intense colors.
  • Unique vibrant colors drying quickly without smudging.
  •  Set  Available of 12,18 &  24 Pcs
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Fineliners have countless possible uses. They can be used for writing, drawing, sketching and colouring. Available in numerous brilliant colours, users are sure to find what they need. Fineliners are also used by adults to colour mandalas or create handlettering projects. Even artists enjoy the high quality of these pens.

Fineliners contain an ink reservoir made from polyester. This is filled with ink that is dispensed evenly by the pen tip when writing or colouring. How long a fineliner will last depends entirely on the writing surface and the pressure applied by the user when writing. However, the rougher the paper, the faster the fineliner will run out and the sooner the tip will wear out.

Thanks to their fine tip, excellent writing results can be achieved with fineliners. The ink dries super-fast, so there is no danger of smudging. Fineliners are increasingly being used in the creative industry.

  • Decorate invitations or greeting cards
  • Create custom photo collages
  • Embellish gifts with handmade tags

12Pcs, 18Pcs, 24Pcs

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