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Daler Rowney Simply Watercolor Set

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Daler-Rowney Simply Watercolour is a perfect starting point for artists and hobbyists looking to experiment with the watercolour technique. The colours wet easily onto the surface and can be thinned with water to create washes and offer great value for money.

  • Can be used straight from the tube and can be thinned with water to create washes.
  • High lightfastness (3*).
  • Great value for money.
  • Available in a variety of sets including 12ml sets, Creative Easel, Starter, 25pcs and 18ml sets.
  • Made in England
  • Beginner Watercolor Tube Set – Each 12ml (.4oz) tube of highly pigmented, rich, smooth watercolor paint offers an affordable yet qualitative option perfectly suited for those just starting out
  • Adaptable Paint – The water color paint featured in this set can be used as-is for intense coverage on your desired surface or thinned out with water to achieve a range of color washes, hues and shades
  • Product Longevity – These pigment-packed 12ml water color paints boast high lightfastness, ensuring the vibrancy of your finished piece of artwork remains bold and bright for years to come
  • Versatile Water Color Set – With 12 highly saturated Simply watercolors, practicing artists and students can explore their creativity and hone their watercolor painting skills through a range of color options
  • Historic Roots – Inspiring creativity since 1783, Daler-Rowney strives to be accessible, inclusive, and innovative, offering an outstanding artistic experience and affordable paint supplies including acrylic, watercolor and oil paint

12 Pcs, 24Pcs

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