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Deli Gel Ink Counter Pens 6796

Reception Desk Pen. Suitable for desks and counters with 180 degrees rotation capacity. Contains adhesive pads to lock on any desk and a plastic cord that can extend up to 2 metres. Line width: 0.5mm.

  • Brand: Deli
  • Size:155×52×52mm
  • Material: ABS, AS
  • Imported ink and cover material, Imported ink and cover material bring fascinating writing experience
  • Permanent adhesive base, Permanent adhesive base to fix the pen on pointed place for easy use
  • 180 Degree rotatable and spring design allows remote accessing to a certain extent, The base design avoids tube losing
  • Metallic surface finish, Metallic finishing base

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Introducing the Deli Reception Desk Pen: Designed for versatility with a 180-degree rotation capacity. Features adhesive pads for secure attachment and a 2-meter extendable cord. Offers smooth writing with a 0.5mm line width. Made with ABS and AS materials, with imported ink for quality. Permanent adhesive base ensures easy fixing, while the metallic finish adds elegance. Dimensions: 155×52×52mm.


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