Deli Numbering Machine Ink 40 ml 7521


Deli 7521 Numbering Machine Ink has 40 ml and is constructed of Poly Bottle material. Low order and dry fast. Clear marking. Available in Black colour.
  • Brand: Deli
  • Product Code: 7521
  • 40 ml Numbering Machine Ink
  • Clear marking. Low order and dry fast
  • Constructed of Poly Bottle material
  • Available in Black colour

Deli’s Numbering Machine Ink (Product Code: 7521) is designed to provide clear marking with fast drying properties. With a capacity of 40 ml, this ink ensures efficient numbering operations. It boasts low odor, making it suitable for prolonged use. Constructed of Poly Bottle material for durability, it comes in a sleek black color, ideal for various numbering tasks.

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