Deli Whiteboard Foam Duster 7810

Deli Whiteboard Foam Duster is made from PP, foam, Sponge and Lint. Available in light grey colour.
  • Brand: Deli
  • Product Code: 7810
  • Whiteboard Foam Eraser
  • Material: PP, foam, Sponge, Lint
  • Dimensions: 110×50×40MM
  • Light grey colour
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Introducing Deli’s Whiteboard Foam Eraser, designed to effortlessly remove markings from whiteboard surfaces. Crafted from a combination of PP, foam, sponge, and lint, this eraser ensures effective cleaning without leaving residue behind. Its compact dimensions of 110×50×40MM make it easy to handle and store. Available in a sleek light grey color, the Deli Whiteboard Foam Eraser combines functionality with style, making it an essential accessory for any classroom, office, or meeting room.

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