Derwent Charcoal Pencil

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 Charcoal & Graphite
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Derwent dark black charcoal pencils 1 piece, artist quality charcoal pencil, brand of derwent pencils, high quality dark black charcoal pencil, easy to use & reliable, easy to write your work & art drawing, brilliant for drawing & sketching , inside strong wood manufacture & black charcoal pencil, used for sketching & drawing work, color: black, 1 pieces only,

For the traditional effect of charcoal with a little more control (and a little less mess), this is the pencil to choose.
Natural charcoal particles are mixed with the finest clays to produce a rich, smoothly textured pencil.
All the beauty and character of traditional charcoal in a convenient, easy to use form.
Charcoal Pencils are available in light, medium and dark grades that can be blended together to create powerful and imaginative charcoal drawings.

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