Marie’s Acrylic Colour Single Tube 75ML


Marie’s Acrylic Colours are manufactured by our engineers according to artists’ need and international standard. They are regarded as the excellent products by experts. Marie’s Acrylic Colours are new-type drawing colours developed by our company as pioneering domestic products. After being reviewed by certified technician, this product won the prize by the Light Industrial products Department in the field of major scientific and technical achievements.

  • Brand: Maries
  • Product Type: Acrylic Paint
  • Product Code: 815B
  • According to artists’ need and international standard
  • Prize winner by the Light Industrial products Department
  • Brilliant shade
  • Good dryness and stability
  • Excellent air permeability
  • Strong adhesive power
  • Good water resistance
  • Not easy to fade
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Marie’s Acrylic Colour Single Tube 815B 75ML is a high-quality product developed to meet artists’ needs and international standards. It has been recognized as an excellent product by experts and has won awards for its technical achievements. The acrylic colours offer advantages such as vibrant shades, quick drying, stability, good air permeability, strong adhesive power, water resistance, and resistance to fading.

  • Painting or handwriting on:-
    • Canvas
    • Paper
    • Wood
    • Textiles
    • Cement
    • Ceramic
    • Bamboo Articles
    • Leather
    • Cardboard
    • MDF

White (104), Black (793), Brilliant Purple (402), Burnt Sienna (684), Burnt Umber (687), Cerr Blue (Hue) (455), Chromium Oxide Green (517, Cobalt Blue (Hue) (453), Crimson Red (315), Dioxazine Violet (439), Emerald Green (559), Green Mid (505), Green Pale (503), Grey Mid (787), Leaf Green (549), Lemon Yellow (215), Light Red (681), Mitis Green (566), Orange Red (313), Orange Yellow (301), Permanent Orange (330), Permanent Red (332), Portrait Tone (219), Pthalo Blue Gr Shade (450), Pthalo Green (558), Purple Red (403), Pythalo Blue (451), Raw Sienna (601), Raw Umber (688), Rose (336), Rose Perm Crimson (341), Sap Green (568), Scarlet (302), Sky Blue (447), Ult Blue (443), Vandyke Brown (690), Vermillion (324), Viridian (560), Yellow Mid (227), Yellow Ochre (676), Yellow Pale (216), Yellowish Green (562), Silver (121), Gold (132), Copper (138), Fluro Green (553), Fluro Pink (373), Fluro Yellow (272)

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