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Marie’s Oil Colour 50ML Single Tube E1384B

  • Brand Name: Maries
  • Color: Aproximately 37 Colors Available
  • Finish Type: Gloss
  • Item Volume: 50 Milliliters
  • Paint Type: Oil
  • Item Form: Oil
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Is Waterproof: True
  • Container Type: Tube
  • Available Colors: Black (793)Burnt Sienna(684)Burnt Umber(687)carmine (335)Cerulean Blue(455)Cobalt Blue(453)Green MId(505Lemon Yellow(215)Light red (681)Olive Green (569)
    orange red(313)Prussian Blue(445)Purple Red(403)Raw Sienna(601)Rose(336)Sap Green(568)Scarlet(302)Ultramarine(443)Vermilion(324)Viridian(560)White(104Yellow Mid (227)
    Yellow Ochre(676)Yellow Pale (216)

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Marie’s Oil Colours are manufactured by engineers according to artists’ need and international standard. They are regarded as the excellent products by experts. Marie’s Oil Colours select and adopt the most permanent pigments, the best refined botanic oil, mixed and are finely ground into smooth paste. Varied chemical and physical properties are strictly examined. They have a suitable degree of dryness and as the paste is steady, they can keep up and give full play of the strokes of painters. If the painting is drawn with Marie’s Oil Colours, it could be preserved well in a very long time and the surface will never crack, that is why the artists welcome to use them.
  • 50 ml / 1.75 US Fl. Oz Oil Colour Single Tube
  • Manufactured according to artists’ need and international standard
  • Most permanent pigments
  • Regarded excellent products by experts

Black (793, )Burnt Sienna(684), Burnt Umber(687), carmine (335), Cerulean Blue(455), Cobalt Blue(453), Green MId(505, Lemon Yellow(215), Light red (681), Olive Green (569), orange red(313), Prussian Blue(445), Purple Red(403), RawSienna(601), Rose(336), SapGreen(568), Scarlet(302), Ultramarine(443), Cermilion(324), Viridian(560), White(104), Yellow Mid (227)
Yellow Ochre(676)Yellow Pale (216)

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