Mica Powder 12Pcs Set


  • Colour: White, Green, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Orange, Violet
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Usage: Resin Art, Paint, Cosmetic, Plastic, Leather, Ink, Paper
  • Type: Natural
  • Composition: Oxide
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Mica powder is a versatile colorant for arts and crafts projects, epoxy resin crafts, soaps and cosmetics. Just a teaspoon of this natural mineral can add shimmer, sparkle and vibrant color to any project

  • Mica world colorant powder pigment is for Bath Bomb, Soap Making Colorant, Candle Making, Eye Shadow, Blush, Nail Art, Resin Jewelry, and for Art and Crafts Projects.
  • Skin Safe Pigments for Melt and Pour Soaps, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Body Scrubs, Bubble Bath and Lotions. Donot Eat or consume this product.
  • This mica world cosmetic powder dyes that melt fast and attached to the soap material, and easy to create the perfect product
  • Gives metallic color and finish to Resin and Hardener, Use quantity according to the desired colour
  • For more Art and Craft Material Kindly click on the Ditya Craft Brand under Product Title
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