OLFA Cutting Mat (Japanese) CM-A4


OLFA CM-A4 – Cutlery. 30 x 21 cm / 12” x 8”, 2 mm thick special three-layer self-healing clipboard. The cutting edge is one inch inches, the other side is centimeter, and the most commonly used angles are also marked. Both can be used with round-patch patchwork patchwork, 9 mm standard and decorative knives.

  • Brand: OLFA
  • Product Code: CM-A4
  • Product Type: Cutting Mat
  • Double Sided

The multi-purpose “folding” mat features easy-to-read numbers and
metric grids designed for quilt/patchwork applications, such as easy
measuring and accurate cutting of straight lines and precise angles.
Designed for heavy-duty cutting, the mat can be used with the OLFA utility and art knives, as well as OLFA rotary cutters.
The durable cutting surface is made of environment-friendly olefin resin,
having a layer of durable hard olefin resin underneath.

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