Parker Calligraphy Pen Set

  • Brand: Parker
  • Product type : Caligraphy set
  • Fitted with stainless steel nib.
  • Fitted with twin-channelled ink feed and collector system.
  • For use with ink cartridges or convertible to ink bottle filling.
  • Includes Fine Medium and Broad Nibs
  • Includes an ink converter 2 Blue Ink Cartridges and 2 Black Ink Cartridges
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Introducing the Parker Calligraphy Set – the perfect choice for enthusiasts and beginners alike. Crafted by the renowned brand Parker, this set features a stainless steel nib for precise and smooth writing. Equipped with a twin-channelled ink feed and collector system, it ensures consistent ink flow for flawless calligraphy strokes. This versatile set is compatible with ink cartridges or can be converted to ink bottle filling, offering flexibility to suit your preferences. Included in the set are fine, medium, and broad nibs, allowing you to create various styles and effects with ease. Additionally, the set comes with an ink converter, along with 2 blue and 2 black ink cartridges, providing everything you need to start your calligraphy journey. Elevate your writing experience with the Parker Calligraphy Set.

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