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Staedtler Marker Color Luna Series 12 & 24pcs Set

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  • Felt Tip Markers with bright, vivid colours
  • Approx. 1.0 mm fine tips that are pressure resistant for longer service life
  • Non toxic , water based ink
  • Washes easily out of most textiles
  • Fade resistant
  • Ventilated cap to help reduce the risk of choking if swallowed
  • Cardboard box made from 80% recycled material and is recyclable
  • Available in 12 & 24 assorted colours

Magic Luna tips 327 LWP

There are 2 sizes
1.12 colors
2.24 colors

Gives bright colors, does not fade, easy to drain, strong pen tip
Suitable for art work Use of various colors
Comfortable to use There is a cap on the pen to lock tightly. If not in use, close the pen cap to keep. Prevent ink from drying out
Safe for children – Safe for – for children!! ???????? Because the ink ingredients are made from water that is not toxic to the body, if children accidentally eat, it is not dangerous to carry to school.
????Easy to wash off even when dirtying clothes.
Line size 1-2 mm
Write Vertical, the line will come out 1 mm
If the handle is tilted, the line will come out 2 mm.


12Pcs, 24Pcs

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