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White Boards (Local)

  • Brand : No Brand
  • MAde: Local
  • Available Size : 1.5 x2 (feet)approx|2×3 (feet) approx|3×4(feet)approx|4×6(feet)|4×8(feet)
  • Dry-Erase Compatibility
  • Reusable and Efficient
  • Educational Use

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Whiteboards are versatile and interactive writing surfaces widely employed in educational, corporate, and domestic settings. Constructed from materials like melamine, porcelain, or glass, these smooth, glossy boards provide a reusable platform for expressing ideas, conveying information, and fostering collaboration.

One of the defining features of whiteboards is their compatibility with dry-erase markers. Users can effortlessly write, draw, or diagram on the surface, and the markings can be just as easily erased with a dry cloth or eraser. This convenience makes whiteboards an invaluable tool for brainstorming sessions, presentations, and educational activities.


1.5 x2 (feet)approx, 2×3 (feet) approx, 3×4(feet)approx, 4×6(feet), 4×8(feet)

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