Creative Stationery Collection

Original price was: ₨ 1,500.Current price is: ₨ 1,300.

  • 1 oro scale 12″
  • 12 shark lead pencils
  • 6 shark eraser multi color
  • 6 oro sharpener multi color
  • 1 set brito color pencil (12 pencil color+2 highlighters pencils+1mix color lead pencil)
  • 2 dollar pointer
  • 1 set marker colors
  • 1 pkt Dollar marker colors
  • 1 pkt cut marker

Introducing the “Creative Stationery Collection”: Unleash your artistic potential with an Oro 12″ scale, a dozen Shark lead pencils, vibrant multi-color Shark erasers, and Oro sharpeners. Dive into the world of color with the Brito pencil set and Dollar markers, complemented by the precision of Dollar pointers. Elevate your creations with this comprehensive kit, including a packet of Dollar marker colors and a set of cut markers.

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