Simbalion Tee Shirt Markers Set

  • Brand: Simbalon
  • Made: china
  • Set : 6 & 8 pcs Set
  • Apply to shoes, clothing, painting painting painting can create a free backpack, the myriads of changes new clothes, for their own tailored style.
  • The American Association of Arts and crafts made of materials ACMI (Arts and Crafts Materials Institute), approved by the toxic poison expert Mark!

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Quick-drying, this fine marking pen is quick-drying, no ink leakage and versatile. These fine markings can be used for paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, etc., suitable for classrooms, homes or offices.
Size: Set of 6 & 8 Pcs
Special fiber pen, smooth writing, bright color, good sealing performance, durable, not easy to fade, strong penetration, bright and beautiful, easy to color.
The pencil holder has a comfortable grip and a multi-color combination. It is environmentally friendly, safe, non-toxic, smooth in writing, uniform in coloring effect, strong in color and good drawing effect.
Gift occasions: children’s birthday gifts, children’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, training institutions to record awards, exchange gifts.


6Pcs, 8Pcs

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