Stationery Set Deal

Original price was: ₨ 9,500.Current price is: ₨ 6,000.

“Write On! Unleash Creativity with Exclusive Stationery Deals”

Medium Punch
Regular staper with remover
Regular stapler without remove
Stapler pins 2 packs silver & Multi color
Ball Damper
pen Jar
Fancy Ball points 2 pieces
Imported ring pad a7 size
Single hole punch
Eraser 3 Pieces
Sharpener 3 pieces
Sticky Flag
Sticky Pad
Faber Castell lead pencils with eraser 12 pieces
Fluid pen / Correction Pen
Highlighter local 4 Pieces
Highlighter German 1 piece
Scotch tape 1″ 2 pieces
Piano ball point 1 packet
Max Ball point blue 1 packet
Transparent card holder
Handy note book Alba with hard top a5 size


“Transform your workspace into a haven of inspiration with our stationery deals. From sleek pens to vibrant notebooks, we’ve got the tools to turn your ideas into masterpieces. Elevate your desk game, because every stroke, scribble, and note deserves the touch of perfection. Unleash your creativity with our irresistible stationery – where every detail sparks inspiration. Visit our website and redefine your writing experience today!”

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